• Olha Borysova
  • Svitlana Shutova
  • Viktoriia Nagorna
  • Olha Shlonska
  • Oleh Serebriakov
  • Artur Mytko

Ключові слова:

elite players, training programs, competitive activities, sports games, efficiency criteria.


Introduction. At the present development stage of the high achievement sport, global transformations are taking place all over the world, which have influenced the intensification of competitive practices and the introduction of innovative technologies in the process of training elite athletes. Unfortunately, both external factors and internal political and economic problems in Ukraine become a serious obstacle to the effective competitive activity of national teams at major international sports competitions, namely: the socio-economic situation in the country calls into question the ability to prepare quality reserve, children's and youth sports suffer as a result of the financial and economic crisis; Insufficient level of logistics and the possibility of migration of the best players and coaches abroad, negatively affects the level of performance of the national team in the international arena. The planning of preparation of highly qualified athletes for the main international competitions should take into account the peculiarities of tournament loads in team and individual sports. Why is it necessary to determine the main factors influencing the quality and effectiveness of the performances of the best athletes and teams in sports games. Therefore, the purpose of our work is to analyze the effectiveness of competitive activities of highly qualified athletes in sports games.

Material and methods: analysis of planning and competition documents and generalization of special literature, method of expert assessments, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, psychophysiological methods, methods of mathematical statistics.

Conclusions: the implementation of effective performance of athletes of Ukrainian national teams in sports on the international arena requires optimization of the process of sports training based on individualization with the parallel use of technical-tactical, psychophysiological models of training of leading players in the world combined with modern capabilities.


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