• Ruslana Sushko
  • Evgen Sobolev



Ключові слова:

migration, volleyball, globalization, national team, Olympic Games


Introduction. Modern sport development trends point the influence of globalisation processes among which specialists mainly highlight the changes that athletes’ migration provokes. Lack of information about the peculiarities of migration processes in volleyball leads to the identification of a problematic issue which requires study and analysis.

Aim is to study the migration of highly qualified volleyball players and the performance effectiveness of their national teams in a retrospective review of Olympic volleyball tournaments taking into account quantitative indicators for legionnaires participation.

Material and methods: analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodological literature and Internet data, comparative and historical research method, content analysis, methods of mathematical statistics.

Results. The effectiveness of the men’s national teams performance in the final part of the Olympic volleyball tournaments for the period 1988-2016 is analysed. Migration was considered as a significant factor influencing the effectiveness of highly qualified volleyball players competitive activity basing on the materials of the national teams performance in the  Olympics Games volleyball tournaments. The quantitative and qualitative indicators dynamics of the athletes-legionnaires participation in the national teams and approaches to the formation of teams regarding their representation are determined.

Conclusions. Studying migration issues of highly qualified volleyball players basing on their participation in the Olympic volleyball tournaments for the period 1988-2016 allowed us to identify growth and decline trends in quantitative and qualitative indicators of the legionnaire players participation in national teams and explain them for club teams development by modern trends strategies. Characteristic features for the male volleyball national teams formation which are presented in percentage values were identified and justified


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