• Yevheniy Imas
  • Olena Yarmoliuk
  • Bohdan Bilko
  • Shengwen Shi

Ключові слова:

sustainability, eco-friendly mindset, ecological education, eco-sport


Introduction. Harmonious development of humanity is to transfer health care and improve the moral and psychological climate of people. Reaching these targets is not possible without a daisy-chaining to nature, rational use of natural resources. One of the most important aspects of the eco-friendly activity of sports organizations is an environmental education. Implementation of various environmental programs by international and national sports organizations throughout the world is clearly showed its importance.

Aim is to find out the core structure and components of environmental education, as a fundamental of sustainability of sports.

Material and methods: analysis of literary sources, documents in the Internet, monitoring of ecological content in the mass media, system-functional analysis.

Results. In the context of our research, special attention has been given to the creation of eco-friendly mindset as a special form of perception, the characteristic signs of such a perception, the system of principles, views, ecological knowledge, values, assessments, activities in the system “Nature – Person – Society”. Eco-friendly mindset has been stated to be viewed from three sides: training, education, and enlightenment. As a result of research it was found that the further development of the Olympic movement involves the formation of appropriate environmental infrastructure of sports, environmentally oriented worldview of specialists in physical culture and sports, study and adaptation of the principles of sustainable development for Olympic sports in Ukraine.

Conclusions. International and national experience is provided to indicate the high efficiency of the creation of eco-friendly mindset of young people while participating in sports events. In its turn, it changes mind for high creative self-realization, physical growth, social efficiency, psychological health of the personality.


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